The Commercial Slawit

Real Ale Bar

The Commercial Slawit

Real Ale Bar



Hi and welcome to our website.

We are operating out of Hideaway Craft Bar, which has been turned into a little shop for the foreseeable future.


This time we will be operating 2 yes 2 websites to accomodate your requirements.

This website will be for:-

Empire Brewery Beers 


A selection of mini kegs and Bottles/Cans

The Hideaway website will be more specific with craft ales, for ordering and delivery or collection

Hope you can find what you want, if not please don't hesitate to drop us a message, if we can get it for you we will.

All our products are available to Order

Our delivery times will be between 6pm - 8pm daily

How's that for service? provided your orders are recieved by 4pm on either website it will be a same day delivery, otherwise they will be delivered the day after

You can order Click and Collect

Our shop is open daily 4pm - 7pm and Sat/Sun 2pm - 7pm



Order online for delivery or look at our shop products to collect

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